When you buy a property or a land in Australia you have to pay a stamp duty on your purchase, and each state or territory uses different formulas to calculate it. Exemptions and concessions are also different, so it’s a real headache if you want to find out how much stamp duty you should pay.


How To Use Our Stamp Duty Calculator

To start, please enter:

  • the value of the property or land
  • select the state or territory where you’re buying the property

Then, based on the state or territory, you’ll have to select other options:

  1. Property Type – if it’s Primary Residence you might be eligible for some concessions
  2. First Home Buyer – some states offer concessions and also First Home buyer Grants
  3. What are you purchasing – some concessions are available only to a new home
  4. Other options – these usually define whether you are eligible for more concessions

Once you have populated the calculator with your information, you are ready to click calculate. You will see your results on how much stamp duty you should pay and whether you are eligible for any grants. Please keep in mind that there may be other fees in different states including Mortgage Registration Fee and Transfer Fee.