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The Equi Wealth team is made up of qualified, experienced advisors with specialist expertise in financial planning, finance broking and property investment. We…


It’s a sad fact that most Australians will retire completely dependent on the pension for their financial survival; almost three quarters in fact…

Retirement statistics
96 %
of Australians are expected to receive a pension at some time during retirement
22 %
of Australians are on track to achieve a comfortable level of retirement income
9 %
of Australians retire before 60
$ 151 000
Average super balance at retirement


I am, you are, we are a-strugglin…

You’ve heard the expression “too much month left at the end of the money”, right? Seems that is exactly the case for many of us. A recent article in the …

Popping the housing bubble’s bubble

Apparently we’re in “the grip of a housing bubble”. If your bits have been feeling a little errr, constricted, this could be the explanation. What is a housing bubble anyway? …